Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Illiberal anti-democrat

Simon - Right, what's the next item that was included as evidence for you dismissal by Andrew Green, the Chair of Culturenet Cymru

DJ - It's another one that beggars belief. It's a copy of a page from the website Assembly Online

a copy of a page from Assembly Online
A page from the website Assembly Online

Simon - Could you explain a little about Assembly Online?

DJ - It's a website that was inspired by Downing Street Says. Assembly Online republishes Media briefings from the Welsh Assembly and allows people to comment on them. It also republishes the Cymru Ar-Lein forums as RSS feeds. It's all done under licence from the HMSO.

Simon - Looks like a good idea to me. An experiment in extending democracy.

DJ - Yes, it makes the briefings open to comments - and makes them a bit more readable too.

Simon - And if you were following the Cymru Ar-Lein forums, the RSS feeds would be handy.

DJ - Exactly what I thought.

Simon - So why did Andrew Green include Assembly Online in a disciplinary hearing? What was the problem?

DJ - You know, I have no idea. Andrew once described himself to me as a 'liberal' - when he was insisting I remove my site statistics from my personal website - and this, I think, makes his description of himself incredible.

Simon - Liberal? He cited Assembly Online in a dismissal case and calls himself 'liberal'?

DJ - I know, I know.

Simon - That's ridiculous.